Anadendrum angustifolium Engl.
  • Bot. Tidsskr. 24: 272 (1902) 

Notes: Distribution: S. Thailand to N. Pen. Malaysia

General Description

Evergreen, medium-sized, very slender lianescent secondary hemiepiphyte to 3 m. Stem (adult) root-climbing. Leaves distichous, dense on climbing shoots, congested into very loose fans at shoot tips where flowering occurs; petiole pulvinate apically, 4.5–9 cm; petiolar sheath extending to the base of the pulvinus, membranous and very soon marcescent and entirely falling; leaf blade narrowly lanceolate, 8–15 × 2.5–3.5 cm, markedly unequal, the wider side basally slightly cordiform, the narrower cuneate, apex long-acuminate, briefly apiculate, dark green above, paler or somewhat glaucous below when fresh, drying uniformly very pale brown; primary lateral veins pinnate 4–5 per side, running into marginal vein; interprimary veins more or less invisible; higher order venation reticulate. Inflorescence 1–3 in each floral sympodium; peduncle spreading at almost 90° to the shoot with spadix erect by a sharp bend in the junction of the spathe to peduncle, exceeding petiole by ca 10 cm, each peduncle subtended by membranous, later papery cataphylls; spathe narrowly lanceolate, apex very strongly rostrate, base subdecurrent on stipe; spathe limb gaping, then reflexed at anthesis, then soon caducous, ca 3 × 1.5 cm, creamy yellow; spadix stipitate; fertile portion ca 4 × 0.5 cm, very pale greenish white at anthesis, caducous; stipe ca 7 mm, green; flowers with perigone just exceeding the gynoecium; stamens with short, broadly linear filaments; anthers shorter than filaments; gynoecium obpyramidal, tetragonal, stylar region 2.5 × 2.5 mm, rhomboidal, truncate, stigma transverse-linear; fruit a subglobose truncate-topped berry, green when immature, bright glossy red with black stigmatic remains when ripe.


Perhumid evergreen forest. ca 150 m asl.


Thailand, N Peninsular Malaysia, Cambodia (?).

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Asia-Tropical Indo-China Thailand
  • Malesia Malaya


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