Pichinia S.Y.Wong & P.C.Boyce
  • Gard. Bull. Singapore 61: 544 (2010) 

Notes: Distribution: Borneo

General Description

Lithophytic mesophytes. Stem creeping to erect. Leaves many together, distichously arranged, each module with prophyll, cataphyll (both long persistent, as long as petiolar sheath) and single foliage leaf; petiole D-shaped, puberulent, petiolar sheath with a long- persistent free ligular portion; lamina oblonceolate, orthotropic to petiole, basally cuneate, apex acuminate with tubular mucro, this short, and soon marcescent and brown, softly chartaceous, adaxially matter pale olive-green, abaxially glaucous; primary lateral veins prominent, pinnate, adaxially sunken, abaxially prominent, secondary venation pinnate, running parallel to primary veins, tertiary venation obscure. Inflorescence solitary, erect; peduncle terete, shorter than petiole; spathe up to 8 cm long; lower spathe ellipsoid, strongly oblique at insertion of spadix/peduncle, sometimes with a ventral triangular gap formed during female anthesis and then closed prior to male anthesis, inflating at female anthesis but remaining constricted at top, lower spathe orifice gaping slightly at male anthesis once spathe limb shed; constriction between upper and lower spathe weakly defined; spathe limb caducous in a single piece; spadix often slightly exceeding spathe at anthesis, or at least equalling, conico-cylindric; female flower zone cylindrical, attenuate distally; pistils ellipsoid-cylindrical, white; stigma overtopping ovary, translucent white; ovary incompletely 2-locular, placenta basal, ovules several, micropylar appendage absent; interpistillar staminodes absent; interstice present, wider than female flower zone, with pistillodes proximally, these smaller than pistil, and staminodes distally, these very similar to stamens; male flower zone short; stamens irregular, crowded, whitish yellow; anthers 2 per flower, oblong to somewhat irregular in shape; pores apical, pollen extruded in strings; appendix present, conic, distally, staminodes crowded, irregular. Infructescence with lower spathe, narrowly campanulate, persistent; fruits berry, crowded, oblongo-globose; seeds ellipsoid, weakly longitudinally striate.


Perhumid evergreen forest on limestone, 100-250 m asl.


Malaysia, Sarawak, Samarahan, Serian, Pichin.

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Asia-Tropical Malesia Borneo


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