Philodendron brent-berlinii Croat
  • Rodriguésia 56: 102 (2005) 

Notes: Distribution: N. Peru

General Description

Hemiepiphytic climber to 4 m, internodes short, drying 4.5 cm wide, closely and irregularly ridged, forming a reticulum of ridges, reddish brown; cataphylls 26 cm long, sharply 2-low-ridged, deciduous, drying light reddish brown. LEAVES: Petioles subterete, 77 cm long, subterete, drying reddish brown, convex to broadly concave abaxially, coarsely 3- ribbed adaxially, finely ridged and warty circumferentially; blades deeply 3-lobed, 46- 57 cm long, drying gray above, reddish brown below; anterior lobe 36-38 × 29-36 cm, acuminate; midrib obtusely raised and slightly paler above, convex, grayish yellow-brown and slightly paler below; primary lateral veins 5 per side, arising at 55-65° angle, drying broadly convex above with a weak medial sulcus, slightly paler above, broadly convex and paler below, finely striate; minor veins moderately obscure; lower surface finely granular. INFLORESCENCES 3 to 4 per axil; peduncle 4-5.5 cm long, drying pale reddish brown, matte, finely ribbed and densely warty; spathe 14.5-16 × 2-2.5 cm, drying pale reddish brown, matte; spadix 13 cm long; pistillate spadix 5 cm long, 1 cm diam.; staminate portion 8 cm long; sterile staminate portion 1 × 1.4 cm; fertile staminate portion 8 × 10-11 mm at base, promptly constricting to 8 × 10 mm diam. constricted area 1 cm above the base, then gradually tapered to a pointed apex; locules 5-6; ovules 1-2 per locule, basal, ca. 1 mm long along with the slender funicle, funicle about as long as the ovule.

Diagnostic Description

The species is characterized by deeply 3-lobed, yellowish gray-drying blades. It is closely related to P. ampamii, which shares similarly deeply 3-lobed blades with prominent lateral auricles. Philodendron ampamii differs in having blades drying dark brown above, dark yellow-brown below with the major veins drying broadly convex on lower surface. In addition, the spathe dries somewhat blackened with slender peduncles. In contrast, P. brent-berlinii has blades which dry yellowish gray, major veins, which dry bluntly acute on lower surface and spathes that dry pale reddish brown with thicker peduncles.


Tropical wet forest (T-wf) and Premontane wet forest (P-wf) life zones.


Known from the Department of Amazonas, Peru and on Cerro Antisana in Napo Province, Ecuador.

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Southern America Western South America Peru


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