Philodendron werkhoveniae Croat
  • Aroideana 27: 58 (2004) 

Notes: Distribution: Suriname

General Description

Terrestrial, on boulders or as a low epiphyte; often growing on talus in groups of 5-8 stems; internodes short, to 1.5 cm diam.; cataphylls persisting intact at upper nodes, with thin, brown epidermis. LEAVES with petioles subterete, slightly flattened adaxially, bluntly 1-angular on 1 side, (24)40-55 cm long, moderately firm, dark green, weakly glossy or matte; blades 26-35 cm long, deeply 3-lobed to within 1.5-2.5 cm of base, subcoriaceous, matte, moderately bicolorous, dark green above, the lobes arching, with tips turned downward, narrowly acuminate at apex (often merely acute on lateral lobes); medial lobe more or less elliptic, (22)26-35 cm long, (6.3)8.2-12.3 cm wide, narrowly confluent onto the lateral lobes; lateral lobes inequilateral, attenuate at base, falcate, curved toward the apex, (13)22-24 cm long, (2)4-9 cm wide; midrib sunken above, narrowly raised and darker below; primary lateral veins deeply sunken-quilted above, pleated-raised, darker and matte below, drying slightly paler than surface, 2-4 pairs on medial lobe, mostly aggregated in lower half of lobe, arising at 20-35°, 6-9 pairs on lateral lobes, joined into a posterior rib extending straight in the lateral lobe, with the veins pinnately arranged on both sides, several coalesced 4.5-6 cm; minor veins moderately distinct, dark and fine below, somewhat raised on drying; cross-veins distinct on drying. INFLORESCENCE solitary; peduncle (5)11-13 cm long, 7mm diam., dark green, weakly glossy, coarsely pale, short green-lineate at apex and on base of tube; spathe 6-8 cm long; spathe tube 4-4.5 cm long, 1.8-2.2 cm diam., medium green to pale yellow, dark-green-striate outside, pale green inside; spathe blade greenish-white on both surfaces; spadix cream-colored, stipitate 6 mm (stipe 6 mm diam., green), 6.5 cm long, slightly shorter than spathe; pistillate portion 1.8-2.2 cm long, 9-11 mm diam., pale tan; staminate portion 4 cm long, 8 mm diam., broadest at base, weakly tapered to apex; sterile staminate portion 1 cm long, 8.5-9 mm diam.; pistils pale green, pale yellow (post-anthesis), 1.8-2.2 cm diam., some of the uppermost much reduced and rounded by staminodes; stigmas 1.3-1.4 mm wide; ovaries (4)6-locular; ovules 15- 20 per locule, 0.2-0.5 mm long; funicles 0.3-0.5 mm long; berries orange.


Occurs in Suriname and French Guiana. In French Guiana, it is known only from Haut Oyapock, Mt. St. Marcel, at 300-450 m elevation, along Crique Poivre.

Distribution Map

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  • Southern America Northern South America Suriname


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