Syagrus yungasensis M.Moraes
  • Novon 6: 89 (1996) 

Notes: Distribution: Bolivia

General Description

Stem solitary 4-5 m tall, 7-9 cm diam., smooth surface with overlapping internodes without foliar bases. Leaves 13-18, ca. 2.2 m long; sheath 12- 25 cm long, fibrous; pseudopetiole 80-100 cm long, fibrous, channeled with slightly raised midridge, margins with fibers 6-8 cm long; rachis 1.2-1.4 m long, triangular in cross section at apex; pinnae 98-120 per side, lanceolate, irregularly inserted in groups of 4-10, 4-6 cm apart, open, nearly perpendicular to rachis, plicate at base, green and lustrous adaxially, glabrous with ramenta on central nerve abaxially, in each group the apical pinnae erect to apex; basal pinnae 39-68 X 0.4-0.5 cm; middle pinnae 45-63 X 1-1.2 cm; apical pinnae 4-15 X 0.1-0.2 cm. Inflorescences up to 8 per plant, 40-95 cm long; prophyll 16 cm long, fibrous; peduncular bract 80-92 cm long, apiculate, inflated above, woody, sulcate, brown externally, glabrous and dark brown internally; peduncle 56 cm long, glabrous; rachis 10-13 cm long, glabrous; rachillae 32-46, appressed to rachis, 11-15 bearing 2-4 pistillate flowers, the remaining rachillae with only staminate flowers, basal ca. 8-26 cm long and apical 2.5-10 cm long; sometimes one single rachilla inserted 40 cm from the base of peduncle, with 5-6 pistillate flowers. Staminate flowers sessile, to 6 mm long; sepals and petals apiculate; stamens 6, 2-3 mm long; filaments to 1 mm long; anthers to 2 mm long. Pistillate flowers 9-10 mm; sepals and petals apiculate; ovary glabrous with trifid stigmas; staminodial ring to 2 mm high, undulate. Fruit 3.5- 4 X 2.5-3 cm; epicarp smooth, green with brown scales at apex; mesocarp fibrous; endocarp 5 mm thick covered with persistent coarse fibers, rough surface, beaked at the base and with lightly prominent ridges that stop short of apex; seed 1, endosperm homogenous.

Diagnostic Description

Caudex solitarius 4-5 m. Pinnae utroque latere 98- 120, irrregulariter dispositae vel 4-10 aggregatae ad medium usque foliato. Rhachilla 32-46 appressus ad rhachim, flores feminei congesti ad rhachillae basim.


Restricted to narrow dry valleys and steep rocky slopes in the semideciduous foresta of the eastern slope of the Andes, between 700 and 1000 m elevation.


This species is only known from narrow valleys. Due to an increasing Dumber of vehicles and road construction in the ana ill population OOuld be endangered. However. most populations are found on inaccessible, Steep slopes and are not thought to be in any immediate danger.


None recorded.

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Southern America Western South America Bolivia


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