Pothos kerrii Buchet ex P.C.Boyce
  • Blumea 45: 168 (2000) 

Notes: Distribution: China (SE. Guangxi) to Indo-China

General Description

Lianas, medium sized, to 4m, root-climbing. Stems terete in cross section, to 6mm in diam. Leaves when fresh mid-green; petiole oblong to oblong-triangular, 10–30(–50) × 5–10mm, broadly winged, base decurrent to clawed, apex truncate to auriculate; each side with 2–4 secondary veins, veins prominent, especially in dried material; leaf blade lanceolate to narrowly elliptic, 7.5–13 × 1.25–2.5cm, base rounded, apex long attenuate-mucronate to acute, minutely tubulate; each side with 2 or 3 intramarginal veins arising from base and immediately diverging and reaching leaf tip. Flowering shoot much abbreviated, arising from middle to distal leaf axils of fertile shoots, bearing a minute prophyll and few cataphylls 3–10mm, sequentially longer. Inflorescence solitary; peduncle erect to spreading, curving to bring inflorescence upright, deep purple, very long and slender, 25–40 × 0.5–1mm. Spathe greenish purple, ovate, deeply concave to almost flat, 4–6 × 3.5–7mm, base prominently cordate, clasping and minutely decurrent on peduncle, margins straight, apex obtuse with a small but prominent mucro. Spadix stipitate; stipe erect, straight, deep purple, terete in cross section, 10–18 × 0.23–0.75mm; fertile zone pale yellow, globose, 3.5–4 × 3.5–4.5mm. Flowers 1–2mm in diam. Infructescence with 1–7 berries. Fruit obclavate to ellipsoid, 10–15 × 7.5–10mm.


Dense forests, on rocks.

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Asia-Temperate China China Southeast
  • Asia-Tropical Indo-China Laos
  • Vietnam


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