Philodendron rugosum Bogner & G.S.Bunting
  • Willdenowia 13: 183 (1983) 

Notes: Distribution: Ecuador

General Description

Climber. Stems up to 4 cm in diameter, internodes 1.5-3 cm long; aerial roots up to 5 mm in diameter, reddish brown. Cataphylls 18-20 cm long, green becoming brown and persistent for some time. LEAVES: Petiole up to 40 cm long, terete, ca. 1 cm in diameter ad midpoint, middle green; vaginate part 6-7 cm long (in non-flowering material 10-15 cm long). Leaf blade coriaceous, ovate, base cordate, apex cuspidate to 35 cm long and 30 cm middle green, upper surface conspicuously rugose, lower surface smooth, with a prominent hyaline margin; midrib convex and basally up to 8 mm wide, with 7-10 inconspicuous primary lateral veins arising from each side of midrib. INFLORESCENCES 1-4 together. Peduncle 4.5-5 cm long and 0.6-0.8 cm in diameter, reddish. Spathe 8-10 cm long, slightly constricted, the tube up to 2 cm in diameter; dark red below and lighter red above on both faces, with a short greenish tip. Spadix sessile, adnate to the spathe for ca. 1.2 cm length, up to 9 cm long and ca. 1 cm thick, cream-colored, apically blunt; pistillate part to 4.5 cm long and the staminate part approximately of the same length. Pistil ca. 2 mm long; stigma subcapitate, ca. 0.8 mm in diameter; ovary shortly cylindric ca. 1.8 mm long and 1.4 mm in diameter, mostly 6-locular usually with one orthotropous ovule in each locule. Staminate flowers of 3 (2-4) stamens, 1 mm long and 1.2-2 mm in diameter; pollen grains ellipsoid, inaperturate, 26-27 µm long and 13-14 µm thick, exine verrucose. Chromosomes: 2n = 36.


Ecuador: Prov. Pastaza, between Puyo and Veracruz, ca. 10-12 km from Puyo. Known only from the type locality.

Distribution Map

  • Native distribution
Found in
  • Southern America Western South America Ecuador


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