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  • Castro C


    About: Epidendrum oxysepalum Hágsater & E.Santiago distribution   1 year ago
  • mpellegrini

    Scholleropsis has been reduced to a synonym of Heteranthera Pellegrini (2017- Two new synonyms for Heteranthera).

    About: Scholleropsis H.Perrier   1 year ago
  • mpellegrini

    Hydrothrix has been reduced to a synonym of Heteranthera Pellegrini (2017- Two new synonyms for Heteranthera).

    About: Hydrothrix Hook.f.   1 year ago
  • David Bertelsen

    Munroa pulchella has been proposed by Amarilla et al. (2013). See the following papers. Amarilla, L.D., J.O. Chiapella, N. Nagahama, and A.M. Antón. 2013. Inclusion of Dasyochloa in the amphitropical genus Munroa (Poaceae, Chloridoideae) based on morphological evidence. Darwiniana nueva seri 1:241-252. Amarilla, L.D., J.O. Chiapella, V. Sosa, N.C. Moreno, and A.M. Antón. 2015. A tale of North and South America: time and mode of dispersal of the amphitropical genus Munroa (Poaceae, Chloridoideae). Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 179: 110-125.

    About: Dasyochloa pulchella (Kunth) Willd. ex Rydb. synonym(s)   2 years ago
  • mpellegrini

    Other data on distribution of Brazilian Tradescantia (and also other Commelinaceae) should be taken from The Brazilian Flora Website Best regards, Marco Pellegrini

    About: Tradescantia mundula var. scabrida Seub. data   3 years ago